Did you know that you can sponsor an entire iimpact India Learning Centre and dedicate it by name to a parent or close relative? What a way to remember someone – with a physical location you can visit and 30 girl children who are benefiting from your support!

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, iimpact India have extended their support to the communities in which we operate Learning Centres – by providing face masks, dry rations, personal hygiene products as well as information on best practices to avoid infection by the virus. 

We are doing this at a time when many corporate sponsors have become constrained financially, resulting in lack of funding for 87 Learning Centres (out of the over 1,700 operated by iimpact India).

At an annual cost of $2,500 for each Learning Centre to educate 30 girls, we want to sponsor far more than the six we support today. We hope you can lend a hand! Remember, it’s a tax deductible donation.

Click here for more details or email us on info@iimpact.org.au for a chat.